Archery Competition

We are about promoting the sport of 3D Archery target shooting and the excitement of competition.

** The League is starting in April. League shoots April-July. **

How to be a part of the UBASS ARCHERY LEAGUE:

Pick up a UBASS league registration form at any of the affiliated clubs. All UBASS shoots will shoot during each participating clubs normally scheduled monthly shoot. Go to the CLUBS Tab for more information about each affiliated club to get their shoot schedule information. After your form has been submitted, each UBASS shoot requires a $5.00 entry fee. Your $5.00 donation goes towards offsetting the costs for the prizes and picnic at the end of the league. To qualify for a season long shooter class champion and the championship tournament, you have to shoot a total of 4 shoots (1 at each participating club). You can re-shoot any club at any time to improve your score and your overall shooter class standing.

Shooter Classes-

Youth/Traditional (max 25 yards), Women's/Hunter (max 35 yards), Known 40 (max 40 yards), Senior (max 45 yards), Open/Known 50 (max 50 yards). 

Championship Tournament and Picnic-

Prizes/money will be awarded to the season long top UBASS shooter in each class. There will also be prizes awarded to the top shooter in each class at the championship tournament. Open class- $400.00 minimum guaranteed payout. Known 40- $150.00 minimum guaranteed payout . Known 50- $200.00 minimum guaranteed payout.Back from the 2018 season- 20 target shoot with a 5 target shoot-off for the top 5 shooters in each class to determine the shooter of the year for each class. The Championship tournament and picnic will be held at Limerick Bowmen on Saturday July 27, 2019.